Feeny Range


Appointments available on Tuesday thru Friday

"I have naturally curly hair, so ‘I get it.’ It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have, I love cutting it all!"

Feeny Range is a Berkeley native. After training with Jingles, the British company in London, she started working at Salon Salon on Fourth Street, where, for 14 years, she continued to grow and learn new techniques. Feeny has also worked at Tique Salon and Keter Salon. Her advanced knowledge has come with classes at Bumble and bumble in New York, Goldwell, Rusk, Kerastase, and most recently, Sojourn.

Feeny is known for her love of dogs. She has volunteered at the Berkeley Humane Society for many years in the past. Another hobby is her passion for design. She loves architecture and enjoys decorating her home, experimenting with shapes, texture, and color.

Q: What it your favorite hair–related word?

A: Easy.

Q: What is the best thing about your clientele?

A: Extraordinary! I have an eclectic group of fascinating people. My clientele has played a very significant part of my life. I am very grateful.

Q: What is your most notable characteristic?

A: Warm, friendly, and down to earth.

Q: What might others say is your hair specialty?

A: I have a special knack for cutting curly hair.

Q: If you weren't a stylist, what job would you do?

A: Veterinarian without borders. I would love to travel the world and help the animal population (especially dogs) in any way I could.

Q: Who would play you in a movie of your life?

A: Drew Barrymore.